to buy an apartment in Dubai is to buy a ticket to eternal summer

Winter in Dubai. Investing in summer

What would Dubai look like in winter? Something like this), but this is only the imagination of the photographer. It is a joy to realize that to buy an apartment in Dubai is to buy a ticket to eternal summer with significant savings in this matter: clothes only for one season, no change wheels on the car, no snow removal costs!

If you think Dubai is an expensive place to stay, then weigh your expenses for 4 seasons for the whole family! I hear a lot of myths about air conditioning, that it is expensive. Dispel the myth - air conditioning is included in the charge service (this is an annual payment for service and services) and the cost is 1 sq.ft(square foot) = from 14 dirhams (235 rubles) up to 27-30 dirhams (450-500 rubles), depending on the project! Every house in Dubai has its own centralized cooling system. Returning to seasonal expenses in Russia, payments are not much less. Approximate prices for utilities: average monthly bill excluding Internet and house maintenance for an apartment with an area of 85 sq. m. (for two people) – $180, the Internet is paid separately for about $ 100-120 per month (if you decide to connect it). Now I come back to the cost comparison again. And how much do you pay in taxes in Russia? Please note - UAE IS A TAX-FREE COUNTRY! Just count how much you can save . On nutrition: if you eat at home, on average it will take $ 300-400 for two to eat. But, for all the high cost, Dubai has very good salaries and business income! And of course the obvious plus of real estate in the UAE is real estate outside the plan (interest-free installments for several years), any resident can afford to buy an apartment in Dubai, agree that this is important.

Flats adn apartments for sale in Dubai

  • What is real estate off plan in Dubai?
  • Off-plan property (from English ‒ unplanned real estate) is real estate before the completion of construction. The purchase of real estate off-plan is the purchase of an object before its commissioning, most often at the initial stages of construction or even at the project stage.