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 Deira Dubai 

Many vacationing tourists , having visited Deira , ask for housing prices ! I will explain why there is practically no housing for foreign customers to buy ! Deira is the oldest commercial district, which is located in the eastern part of Dubai, surrounded by the Persian Gulf, the Emirate of Sharjah and the natural channel Dubai Creek. With its own Rashid port, Deira has played a key role in Dubai's trade industry and made the emirate an international trade center.

Currently, the port is not functioning, but Deira remains a trading hub for the delivery of spices, textiles and jewelry to Asian and African countries. The developed infrastructure gives the district the status of a sought-after community for living and doing business. It is here that many offices, government buildings, courts and foreign embassies are located.

Deira Dubai district

In addition, Deira is a leading tourist center. Thousands of tourists come here in search of a traditional oriental flavor with the opportunity to visit markets where spices, perfumes, fish and vegetables are sold. The Golden Bazaar in Deira is known for a huge assortment of jewelry from all over the world, while the high quality of the products is controlled by the UAE government.

Due to the fact that Deira is the oldest district of Dubai, a number of properties do not offer Freehold ownership rights to buyers, so investing in real estate here is not available to a wide range of foreign citizens. Most of the objects can be purchased only by citizens of the Gulf states and the UAE.

It is important to note that the Government is actively working on the enlargement and further development of the Deira district, while preserving its distinctive culture. Within the framework of the Deira Enrichment Project ("Deira Enrichment Project", DEP), implemented since 2012, the Deira Waterfront coastal zone is being revived. The embankment covers the northern part of the existing Deira district, across the street from the Dubai Gold Souk Gold Market and opposite the Dubai Creek Canal.

The bay "Dubai Creek" is located in the center of the city and divides it into two halves, the districts of Deira and Bar-Dubai. The length of "Dubai Creek" (creek is the English version of the word "bay") it is 14 kilometers. History says that the first settlements of Dubai were built along the bay. Their remains were found at the mouth of this bay. The bay was and still is one of the most important trade centers of the East. The bay was artificially enlarged at the request of the local authorities. For this purpose, work was carried out to deepen the bottom. This was done so that the boats could sail as far inland as possible. "Dubai Creek" is crossed by three bridges. Also, to cross the bay, you can use an abra - water taxi, which many locals use as a permanent vehicle. There are no fixed prices for ordering a taxi. During the trip, you can see beautiful examples of the traditional style of Arabic architecture. The reflection of the tower in Deira is quite famous for its attractiveness to tourists. Part of the bay is declared a nature reserve, there is a huge number of migratory birds, in particular, large flamingos.

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