Apartments and flats for sale in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most expensive areas of Dubai

DUBAI MARINA  attracts millions of tourists. The cries of seagulls, luxury yachts, walks along the Marina canals, prominades along the embankment, countless restaurants. For tourists, this is the most "instagrammable" place for photo shoots. And if you look at the Dubai Marina area from the point of view of investment in real estate in the UAE, then this is one of the most expensive areas of Dubai.

The pricing policy here is high, despite the fact that Dubai Marina is one of the smallest districts of the Emirate of Dubai.  This area is known for its stunning skyscrapers and stunning views of the harbor from every window. More than 200 skyscrapers fill Dubai Marina with absolutely different architecture, among these structures there are the famous skyscrapers of Dubai. The advantages of the area are its beautiful panorama, expensive architecture, proximity to the sea and such areas as JBR,JLT, Blue Waters. The starting price in this area is from 1000000 dirhams and this is a secondary real estate, today two new projects are being built in Dubai Marina , which will be completed by the end of 2026 and the start of prices starts from 3500000 dirhams.

Apartments and flats for sale in Dubai Marina

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  • On the coast - the area near the Dubai Marina sea. The sea and the beach are within walking distance, the resort area.