Let's talk over coffee

Let's talk over coffee about the fears and risks of buying real estate in the UAE

Buy an apartment in Dubai. Moving to a new country is always exciting and scary! Definitely, a person has certain risks and doubts. Let's talk about what risks and fears a person experiences, what does he lose, what does he gain?
Immediately consider the disadvantages of your worries:

- I will not find a job
- I will not have enough money to live
- I will lose real estate because of the unstable political situation
- I do not know the language
- cheated when buying
- real estate will not generate income
I have listed the fears of my clients, who are now the happy owners of their dwellings in the United Arab Emirates.
Of course, it is difficult to give everyone unambiguous advice and recommendations based on different living standards of people. But first of all, friends, you need to determine your expenses in your country and calculate all expenses on paper and compare with expenses in the UAE! There are many articles on the Internet now and in my groups approximate prices for utilities, for accommodation.The language barrier, I think it's just human laziness, there are a lot of language courses and even free courses in the UAE everywhere, the very stay in the country will make you start communicating, do you think we started wrong?
Work. That's what, and there is a lot of work in the UAE, of course they won't appoint you as a minister right away, but the UAE likes smart people, the salary depends on work experience and time.
The UAE is a monarchy, the sheikh rules the country and the country's budget is his wallet. Do you know that THERE IS A MINISTRY OF HAPPINESS in THE UAE?!!! Yes, indeed, the monarch is doing everything possible for the country.  And the impossible! The UAE has very close economic ties with Russia and it is doubtful that someone will expel you from the country.
Buying a property is a very important moment and in order not to get into a prose, please pay attention to the following points: company website, request a license, check on the Dubai website, pay attention to how long a person in the real estate industry (how long he leads social networks), if a realtor has picked up a property for you, request a zoom rally (you will be able to see office) or come to the office for a deal. Or just contact trusted agents on the recommendation if you buy remotely.

Risks - real estate will not generate income. And why do you need a realtor, the client should state his requests (what he wants) from "a" to "z" at most, and only with your requirements we select for you real estate in the UAE your dreams! The realtor will give recommendations and approximate rental prices by area. And now it is very easy to calculate the rental index by districts, square footage and number of bedrooms in the Dubai Land Department application.
What fears do you have? Let's speculate...

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