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What does a person who wants to buy a property in Dubai need to know?

First you need to decide: do you want to buy ready-made housing or real estate in the UAE under construction (off plan). At the same time, in the second case, the buyer has a lot of bonuses, including installments, which developers provide not only for the construction period, but also for the first year or two after its completion.

In order to buy a property, you only need the amount for the initial payment and your own passport — you can even buy an apartment remotely, you will need to come only to register ownership of apartment after completion of construction. All documents are signed online after signing the contract, you can transfer the initial payment (usually 5% of the cost of the object) directly to the developer's account.

It is important to understand here that 90% of buyers of real estate in Dubai purchase it for investment purposes. This means that all subjective parameters like the view from the window, good neighbors, layout, etc. are not so important. As a rule, the buyer turns to a professional who tells what kind of housing will be in demand in the future. Therefore, all these costs for flights, accommodation and the choice of an object are impractical. Moreover, not all brokers today will find time for the buyer to personally go and show him the objects — everyone is loaded to the maximum. 
In general, transactions in Dubai are carried out on the principle of "If you want, take it, if you don't want, someone else will take it." And it happens so fast that the buyer does not have time to think: the broker sends the layout of the apartment and gives 20 minutes to transfer the initial payment to the account. If this does not happen, someone else buys the apartment. The "hottest" complexes are sold in 2 hours — there are not even layouts sent, only the floor number and размер apartments. The principle is the same: "if you want, take it, if you don't want, another one will take it within 5 minutes.

Your personal presence will be required to buy an apartment in Dubai in the secondary market. Of course, the signing of the preliminary contract can also happen online, as well as the transfer of the guarantee of the reservation of the object (about 10% of the cost of the apartment), but you still have to come to sign the main contract. Moreover, the market is very "hot" — sellers expect that after making a reservation, the buyer will already be in place within three or four days and will fully pay for the object.

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  • What is real estate under construction in Dubai?
  • Real estate at the stage of development is a great investment opportunity for Russian investors. Most of the projects are located in the Freehold zone, which gives full ownership. It is the construction stage that gives such opportunities as a lower cost, which will allow you to choose a property with the most favorable location and amenities. Developers offer convenient payment plans.