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Sharjah - investment in the most economical emirate

Here are some of the most interesting facts about the emirate of Sharjah, a smiling emirate.

The sun shyly sets, waves to the magnificent horizon on the beach AJMAL MAKAN, creating a picture of a luxurious lifestyle and beautiful nature mixed in an integrated beach community... Be the elite, be in Ajmal Makan.

World Class Life: Sharjah Waterfront City is an ambitious multi—billion dollar project real estate in the UAE, embodying the concept of "a city within a city with integrated amenities".  This means that people can live, work, dine, shop and enjoy life to the fullest.

Breathe freshness, live healthy: the city is surrounded by lush greenery along the Arabian coast.
The city offers not only a spectacular scenic view, but also a clean environment where you can breathe fresh air and stay healthy.

Moderate weather: Due to the sea breeze, Sharjah Waterfront City has moderate weather all year round.  Therefore, outdoor recreation is not at all tedious, as in most of the UAE.

Comfort and luxury. This developing city has been carefully designed to provide maximum comfort and a host of luxury amenities, including a world-class beach, shopping mall, boutique hotels and more.

Access to Urban Amenities: Residents of Sharjah Waterfront City can enjoy all kinds of urban amenities within reach.  They don't have to go far to make everyday life easy.
Ideal for families all over the world and the Gulf countries: The city on the Sharjah embankment — a great place for families from Russia and the Persian Gulf countries, since the new amendment The Sharjah Property Law allows non-Arabs to own FREEHOLD (freehold) under pre-approved government projects.

Smart and Clean City: Sharjah Waterfront City is an eco—friendly community based on a hydro-mechanical design.
This format provides a natural dynamic flow of seawater through the channels.  60% of the project area is occupied by beaches, green gardens and service areas, and 40% is reserved for buildings.
Building a better future: This new construction community follows international green environment standards, reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.  The green buildings constructed within the framework of this project also contribute to the creation of a clean environment. Unhindered access to Dubai and Abu Dhabi: The Waterfront City of Sharjah is less than 1 hour's drive from Dubai and about 2 hours from Abu Dhabi.
Emirates Bin Road, Ittihad Road and Mohammed Zayed Road provide easy access to this area from other parts of the country.

The most beautiful water park "Crystal Gulf"

It is expected that the water theme park, which will be built and managed by Crystal Gulf, will attract residents, tourists and hotel guests to the city of Ajmal Makan - Sharjah Embankment. It will be built on one of the eight natural islands crossing the city - Water Theme Crystal Gulf. The park will cover an area of more than 1.5 million square feet and will offer visitors more than 35 types of exciting attractions.

One of the key features of the Crystal Gulf Water Theme Park is its unique conceptual design, which will work 12 months a year due to favorable weather conditions in the UAE. It will be equipped with the most modern equipment and a variety of attractions that meet the latest trends, which will make it a universal place for family entertainment. The world-famous design firm Jack Rouse Associates is preparing a master plan and a preliminary concept for the Crystal Gulf water theme park. The water theme park will serve as a family recreation area and will include all amenities such as; restaurants, cafes, kindergartens and other institutions.

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