summer is the best time to invest in Dubai Real estate

Why summer is the best time to invest in Dubai Real estate!

Why summer is the best time to invest in Dubai real estate!
The first is the possibility of limited offers with an impressive discount
Secondly, this is the time of profitable negotiations with the developer company, when there is an opportunity to get privileges to purchase (for example, how to get rid of the service payment for a year or two or to pay in half% with tax for the purchase of 2+2%

best time to invest in Dubai Real estate
Thirdly, furniture stores arrange summer sales and you can pack the whole apartment with a 50-90% discount
Fourth, the price of a flight is significantly reduced in summer, since there is not a large flow of tourists in the height of summer! 
But again, not because of the heat, the heat in summer is absolutely normal here! Due to the fact that some entertainment areas are closed for preventive measures!
Fifth, it is the preparation of children for kindergartens and schools in Dubai, paperwork and adaptation! To be honest, I can continue this list indefinitely! My advice - do not miss the hot season of bargain shopping real estate in Dubai.

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  • Advantages of off-plan real estate. The lower cost allows you to choose a property in the best areas of Dubai, where the ROI from renting will be the highest. The choice of apartments or villas, first of all, allows you to choose the best option from the possibly available ones, which in the future will lead to maximizing the return on invested funds.