Buy cheap real estate in the UAE

 How to buy an apartment in Dubai and not spend too much

Yes, purchase real estate in the UAE after cancellation - "Cancellations" at the price of the start of sales of the project can be a profitable option for investment for several reasons. 

First, the price of the property may be significantly lower than in the case of purchase at the initial stage of sales. This is due to the fact that during the cancellation of the project, prices on the real estate market may change, and developers may offer additional discounts for the sale of unfinished objects.

Secondly, the objects that have been canceled can be quickly sold out, as they have a great potential for price growth in the future. This is due to the fact that land and the cost of building materials are constantly increasing, which increases the value of real estate.

Finally, only official managers from the developer have information about such objects, so investors may have an advantage in buying compared to other buyers who are not aware of the cancellation of the project. 

Buy cheap real estate in the UAE

For example : now I can offer some ready-made units at the start price, but the time for reflection is usually 5-20 minutes, since we have a lot requests for such objects, and units with cancellations do not appear often.

An example is some prime location in Dubai with my happy clients: Prive (Business bay) 1 BR - bought for 750.000 dirhams, whereas the cost of the finished studio in this the project is 1.5 million dirhams. 

My investors are the happiest and in safe hands ❤️

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