Your golden UAE visa for 10 years may be unprofitable

Golden Visa Dubai registration for 10 years may be unprofitable

1. Cost: Gold visa for 10 years when investing in real estate in the UAE, as a rule, costs significantly more than a visa for a shorter period. This may be an unjustified cost, especially if you do not plan frequent trips to Dubai or if you do not have long-term plans for staying there. If you are not able to take advantage of all the benefits of a long-term visa, then it may be an uneconomical choice.

2. Changing circumstances: A lot can change in your life within 10 years. You may stop traveling often or you may need to move to another country. If your plans change, you may find that the golden visa for 10 years is no longer relevant or does not meet your new needs. In this case, you will either have to renew your visa, or, in the worst case, stay with an invalid visa.

3. Changing the rules: The rules and conditions of the visa regime may change within 10 years. Perhaps in the future there will be new types of visas or requirements for entry to Dubai will change. If the Dubai government makes changes to the visa policy, your golden visa for 10 years may be irrelevant or even invalid. This may lead to the need to suddenly apply for a new visa or face other difficulties.

Obtaining a Dubai golden visa for 10 years may be unprofitable

4. Financial risks: Paying for a golden visa 10 years in advance can be a financially risky transaction. Your financial situation may change within 10 years and you may face financial difficulties. If you find that you can no longer afford to travel to Dubai or if you have financial problems, you risk losing the amount already paid without being able to receive compensation.

In general, the decision to apply for a Dubai golden visa for 10 years with investing in real estate in the UAE should be based on your specific situation, future plans and financial opportunities. It is recommended to carefully analyze all factors, as well as consult with an expert in the field of visa services in order to make an informed decision appropriate to your needs and circumstances.

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  • How to get a Golden Dubai visa?
  • When investing in real estate in the UAE, 2 000 000 AED (dirhams), you receive a gold resident visa for a period of 10 years.