the impact of Dubai Metro on the real estate market

Dubai Metro 

The metro system has already proven itself with great success: more than 200 million passengers have used the network since its opening in 2009. In response to the city's continued growth, the Dubai government has announced a 10-year plan to expand the metro system even further. The plan includes the construction of four new metro lines, the expansion of the existing red and green lines and the creation of two new tram lines to provide additional connectivity.

As a result of the expansion project, the length of the Dubai Metro system is expected to exceed 300 kilometers, which will make it one of the largest metro networks in the world. The new lines will also provide connections to key locations such as Dubai International Airport, Emirates Towers and the Expo 2020 site.

As for the impact of the Dubai metro on the real estate market, it is worth noting that objects located near metro stations tend to have higher prices. With further planned expansion, this trend is expected to continue as residents seek to live close to efficient, convenient and affordable transportation systems.

Payment in the Dubai metro is made using the Nol Card, payment occurs when exiting the metro. In conclusion, it should be noted that the Dubai Metro is an integral part of the city's development strategy and an important component of the daily lives of residents. It is expected that due to the constant investments of the government in the expansion and improvement of the network, the impact of the system on the real estate market in the coming years will remain significant.

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  • How to use the subway in Dubai?
  • You pay the fare when you exit the subway through the turnstile. If you forget to attach a Nol-Card, the maximum amount for travel will be debited