Lehbab, is a village in the Emirate of Dubai

Al Lehbab Desert (Lahbab)

   Today I want to tell you about the AL Lehbab desert (Lahbab)
Objects of cultural value and historical heritage of the Lakhbab desert will not leave indifferent any traveler who decided to come here.  A wide variety of tours and excursions that will take place in the city in 2022 will enrich you with new knowledge and convince you that the Lakhbab desert is an integral part of the treasury of world culture.

al lehbab пустыня
     Lakhbab, also spelled as Lehbab, is a village in the Emirate of Dubai, about 50 km south of Dubai City.  It is located on the highway between Dubai and the border of the Emirate of Sharjah.  The population is about 1000 people.  The villagers are rich Bedouins, close friends of the royal family of Dubai.  The main activity is the breeding and rearing of camels.

Lehbab is not just a desert of red sand and jeep safari entertainment! There are no well-developed secondary roads in Lakhbab that connect the various regions of Lakhbab 1 and Lakhbab 2. In addition, at the moment no attention is paid to pedestrian paths.  It would be impossible to live comfortably in Lakhbab without your own transport.  Residents mainly consist of local residents working for the government and their family members.  The residences belong to local residents.  They are not densely populated, as they are mainly used as holiday homes on weekends.


 Lakhbab mainly consists of fields and livestock centers.  They cover most of Lakhbab.  The built-up spaces consist of only 3 residential areas and scattered single-storey houses for workers.  Most of the fields are date palm groves.  In the remaining fields, turnips, radishes, lettuce leaves, etc. are grown. It can be noticed that Lakhbab 1 mainly consists of palm groves of destiny, whereas Lakhbab 2 mainly consists of other plantation fields.  There will be residential complexes around this central zone.  On the outskirts there were farms for the cultivation of dates, other crops, and sometimes animal husbandry.


Lahbab Desert Oman Road, Dubai, UAE, is one of the most popular places in the list of outdoor places in Dubai.




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